WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Flavor of the Week: STRENGTH - Plus 20% OFF the full CLOUDS OF HOPE line!

Flavor of the Week: STRENGTH - Plus 20% OFF the full CLOUDS OF HOPE line!

Posted by Chris on 2nd May 2016

Flavor of the week:


An irresistible ice cream with cooling mint, chocolate chunks and cream filled cookies. You won’t believe this mint chip flavor has no calories! 

10% of profits from all Clouds of Hope purchases go to benefit charity - donations from Strength will be made to breast cancer awareness.

SAVE 20% on a bottle of STRENGTH or any other flavor from the Clouds of Hope line with code FOTW

About Clouds of Hope

Clouds of Hope Handcrafted e-liquid: From the creators of Space Jam Juice comes a robust line of e-liquid that is not only richly flavored but also rich in community. The mission is simple: give back to our local and international communities through social outreach and active involvement. Each delicious flavor is dedicated to one of the 5 causes that have been chosen and a portion of sales from each flavor has been pledged to the corresponding cause. Check out each flavor to see the individual causes that will be supported by your purchases!

2vaped's Flavor of the Week is updated weekly to feature a personal favorite flavor from either Chris or Kyle. For the week a flavor is featured, save 20% on the ENTIRE line it belongs to with the code FOTW

Save 20% on STRENGTH and the entire Clouds of Hope lineup for this week only - use code FOTW at checkout!

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