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Just released - 2 new lines from Space Jam!  Come try Clouds of Hope and Mystique

Just released - 2 new lines from Space Jam! Come try Clouds of Hope and Mystique

Posted by Chris on 15th Oct 2014

Clouds of Hope

Happy vaping everyone!  Chris here again with some awesomely exciting news - if you weren't at ECC or haven't heard yet, the master mixologists over at Space Jam have released two brand-new e-liquid lines each with a unique perk and nothing but incredible flavors!  Without further ado, allow me to introduce Clouds of Hope and Mystique!

First, let's talk about Clouds of Hope.  This new line is something totally unique so far in the vaping community - e-liquid with a purpose!  10% of all profits from sales of Clouds of Hope e-liquid are donated to a charity represented by each flavor (causes include Hunger, Breast Cancer, Veterans and Military, Wildlife Preservation, and fighting AIDS)

Check out all of the new Clouds of Hope flavors, my personal favorite is Harvest - an amazing Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich flavor. It is incredible!

Mystique e-Liquid

Mystique is the second new line and it has really gotten people talking!  Mystique describes itself as the "Rorschah Test" of e-Liquids, with flavors only being listed as a profile (e.g. Tobacco, Fruit, Dessert) as opposed to a very specific flavor.  The thought here is something that we all can relate to - how many times have you let someone try a flavor which they couldn't identify until you told them what it was supposed to be?

E-Liquid flavors can be heavily open to interpretation and suggestion of what they are "supposed" to be - Mystique eliminates this by allow you to decide what you are tasting.  Every vaper can and will find something different, and all will love it!  I've been a big fan of Cronos - which is a "Candy" flavor. 

Both of these lines are just coming out, so please don't hesitate to get in touch and let us know what you think of them and keep the reviews coming!

Thanks again everyone - keep an eye out for new flavors and lines coming all the time.  Vape on!

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