WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Vision Spinner II 1600 mAh Variable Voltage Battery

MSRP: $34.99
Was: $34.99
Now: $21.99
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2.40 Ounces
Battery Size:
1600 mAh
Operating Voltage (output):
124.5(L) * 16.5(D) mm

The most exciting variable voltage battery of 2014 is finally here!  The Vision Spinner II is the long awaited update to the incredibly popular and loved Vision Spinner eGo Battery, and Vision has done it again created another amazing eGo style Variable Voltage battery!  Now packing a massive 1600 mAh battery, improved voltage dial, and an eye catching new color lineup it is easy to see why the Spinner II is going to take over the market, just like its predecessor. 

Here's a quick rundown of the features and upgrades you will enjoy with your Vision Spinner II:

  • 1600 mAh battery - The largest pen-style battery ever!  You will have to work to drain this in a day.
  • Variable Voltage - Set the voltage between 3.3-4.8V with the new more comfortable and ergonomic spin dial for adjusting the voltage
  • Gorgeous new design - New button design and stylish finish available in the following colors: Black, White, Stainless, Blue, Hot Pink, Flor Red, Apple Green, Purple, Gold, Coffee
  • New upgraded PCB control board
  • Longer Lasting Life span - due to the New upgraded PCK circuitry and Battery Cell - Lasts well over 500 charge cycles which is unparalleled in e-cigarette batteries
  • Anti-Counterfeit measures - Vision is striving to ensure you know you are getting a genuine product.  New anti-counterfeiting measures in the Spinner II include: "improved workmanship with all the dotted patterns on the upper part of the body, the conspicuous V logo button, and the crisscross voltage regulator."
  • Standard 510/eGo threading

And just look at the pictures!  The Vision Spinner II batteries are a real work of art and excellent craftsmanship.  Combining those looks with an upgrade on the even better performance and quality which Vision is known for makes this the battery of choice for anyone looking for a Variable Voltage eGo style battery!

These are 100% Authentic Vision products and include verification codes!  Be wary of immitations!

Note: Vision is in the process of changing their hardware branding from "Vision" to "Vapros" - newer Spinner IIs may have packaging and branding that say Vapros Spinner II.  They are still produced by Vision and can be verified with the included authenticity code.  For more information, please visit the official Vision e-cig page.

Does not include charger - grab one here: eGo USB Charging Cable


  1. Turn on/off the battery
    • The battery is turned on/off by pressing the button five times in two seconds
    • When the battery is off, the button flashes three times in mixed color to indicate that battery is activated after pressing the button five times in two seconds
    • When the battery is on, the button flashes three times in mixed color to indicate that battery is off after pressing the button five times in two seconds 
  2. Set the voltage output
    • Spinner II is capable of outputting voltage from 3.3v to 4.8v
    • The bottom scale indicates the position of voltage output level
    • Rotate the bottom spin to align the red line with the bottom scale to arrive the voltage output level as marked in number
    • The red line on bottom spin can stay at any position along the scale between 3.3v and 4.8v to fine-tune your voltage output, despite the four locking position at 3.3v, 3.8v, 4.3v and 4.8v
    • Please be aware that the red line moves between 3.3v and 4.8v along the scale and do not push the red line on bottom spin to go over the 3.3v clockwise and 4.8v counter clockwise; it may damage the battery if being pushed forcefully
  3. Power indication
    • Spinner II could display three colors from the button to indicate the battery usage level
      • If the button displays WHITE color being pressed when battery is on, it indicates a remaining 60%-100% battery power
      • If the button displays BLUE color being pressed when battery is on, it indicates a remaining 30%-60% battery power
      • If the button displays ORANGE color being pressed when battery is on, it indicates a remaining 0%-30% battery power ( time to charge the battery!)
      • The button flashes fifteen times in mixed color to indicate that there is no power at all left in battery and it can no longer function without being properly charged
  4. Other important facts
    • Short circuit protection - when battery is on, in case of a short circuit occurred which usually happens if the user operates wrongly during installing a cartomizer onto the battery or connecting USB charger to the battery, the button flashes three times and stop working temporarily until the conditions causing short circuit are removed
    • Working time protection - when battery is on, in case of pressing the button non-stop for more than eight seconds, the button flashes five times and shut down the output instantly
    • Charging time - Spinner II, for its large capacity of 1600mA, requires about 5-6 hours to be fully recharged if the the battery has no power at all.
    • Charging - Spinner II, no different to regular eGo batteries, requires a standard USB charger of 420mA output and a wall adapter of 500mA output. Any use of non-standard chargers, especially with higher output such as iPhone chargers, is likely to damage the battery and cause unwanted consequences. Therefore the usage of non-standard chargers on Spinner II is strictly prohibited and immediately invalidates the warranty.

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  • 5
    Genuine Vision Spinners

    Posted by Jason K on 1st Aug 2016

    Just so everyone knows these are genuine Vision/Vapros spinners! 2vaped is my new "go to" place to buy these spinners. Lightning fast shipping, and competitive prices... Hope you guys keep these in stock because I will surely keep buying from 2vaped as long as you're selling!

  • 5
    Love this battery!

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Apr 2016

    I had contacted customer service for a recommendation on a new battery. They replied promptly and as always have great shipping! These guys are spoiling me.

  • 4
    better than average battery

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Mar 2016

    works great the first couple times then doesn't seem to hold charge as long afterward.

  • 5
    Best battery I have tried

    Posted by lindbu53 on 13th Feb 2016

    This vape battery last for a very long time between charges and being adjustable makes it even better as you can increase the smoke volume ! I love it !

  • 5
    Great battery

    Posted by Jerry on 1st Feb 2016

    Great battery. Lasts a good while on a full charge. This is the second one I bought and would buy again. And as always, 2vaped has great service.

  • 5
    Most Functional Battery I have Ever Purchased

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Nov 2015

    This battery is a true Jack of all trades. It's compact enough to fit in a pocket like an ego, powerful enough to last me days without charging (and of course provide a satisfying cloud), and has no gimmicky functions. The functions it does have, however, are extremely useful, such as the clicking adjustable voltage and the charge light indicator. works for everything, is durable, and looks magnificent. Having owned both mods and egos, I still reach for this battery for its pure functionality and no-hassle work-ability.

  • 3
    OK Quality

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Nov 2015

    Batteries break frequently, usually within 2 to 3 months.

  • 5
    Confirmed to be an Authentic Vision Spinner 2 :)

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Sep 2015

    Great vape

  • 5
    best battery yet!

    Posted by brittany on 21st Jan 2015

    Gone through many bettered and brands and this one tops it off. Love! Also very quick delivery!!:)